The Chapter Representative's Report



The Origins of Universal Chapter

Universal Chapter No 8219, in the Province of West Kent, was consecrated on 12th April 1996, and meets at the Dartford Masonic Centre three times per year on the following dates:

  • 4th Monday in June (Installation)
  • 4th Monday in October
  • 4th Monday in January

The Founding members of the Chapter were predominantly members of Universal Lodge, and this strong connection with the Lodge remains to this day.

Why should Master Masons join the Holy Royal Arch Chapter

The Royal Arch Degree is the climax of Antient Craft Masonry and Masonic Symbolism. It is described as "the root and marrow of Freemasonry". Furthermore it is the key to admission to so many other orders and degrees, in which one could express an interest at some future date. It is the logical progression in pure Antient Freemasonry, which comprises both the Craft and the Royal Arch.

The lessons in the Craft instruct a Freemason to improve his relationship with those whom he may come into contact with, and to practice the principles of brotherly love, relief, and truth in his every day life.

The Royal Arch focuses the mind on, and clarifies what has gone before thus making it complete and perfect. It is a most beautiful ceremony, colourful, thought provoking and interesting. It focuses on the rebuilding of the Temple, and is a dramatic story, invoking sensations of humility, reliance and dependence on our sublime creator. The Royal Arch follows on from the third degree, seeks and finds that which was lost, and is the only way that a Brother can complete the journey through pure Antient Freemasonry. The beautiful lesson that this degree teaches, places man in the context of eternity.



A Brother becomes a complete Mason when he takes the Holy Royal Arch degree.



Members of the Royal Arch are known as "Companions". The word Companion is said to be derived from two Latin terms, someone with whom you shared your bread, and who could be trusted with your life. Therefore a deep respect and consideration for ones Companions is encouraged, and the phrase "To unite in the grand design of being happy and communicating happiness" has particular significance.



A Brother must have been a Master Mason for four weeks and upwards before being admitted in to the Royal Arch. Those Brethren who would like to join Universal Chapter, should enquire through any of the Lodge members who they see wearing the Chapter Jewel, or the Chapter Representative for the Lodge as detailed within any Lodge Summons.


If you would like further information on the Universal Chapter and/or if you are interested in becoming a member contact the Chapter Representative, Paul.


Universal Chapter No. 8219


Regular Convocations

Three times a year - 4th Monday in January, June (Installation) and October.

Chapter of Improvements

On the 3rd Tuesday of each month from September to August with an additional COI on the 2nd Tuesday of the months of January, June and October - however please check with the Chapter DC before travelling/attending.

Committee Meetings

Are held on the Monday following the regular convocation at Dartford Masonic Centre at 8pm - however please check with the Chapter Scribe E before travelling/attending.


Annual Fees Due - 1st June (£65 - exclusive of dining, which is approx. £26 per meal) 


Scribe E - contact Scribe E 

Almoner - contact Almoner  

Any Companion being aware of a member being unwell or in need of assistance should pass this information onto the Almoner.


Past First Principals of the Chapter

1996/97 E.Comp. F.D. Fronda, (Founder IPZ)

1996/97 E.Comp. H.W. Porter, (Founder MEZ)

1997/98 E.Comp. R.D. Nash 

1998/99 E.Comp. D. Blowers

1999/00 E.Comp. F. Occhini

2000/01 E.Comp. C.M. Ruston

2001/02 E.Comp. M.D. Estaugh

2002/03 E.Comp. R.R. Page

2003/04 E.Comp. M.J. Hildebrand

2004/05 E.Comp. L. Ruston

2005/06 E.Comp. J.M. Walsh

2006/07 E.Comp. R.G. Waller

2007/08 E.Comp. J. Perkins

2008/09 E.Comp. F.D. Fronda, (Founder IPZ)

2009/10 E.Comp. T.W. Miles

2010/11 E.Comp. D. Blowers

2011/12 E.Comp. I.C. Fairall

2012/13 E.Comp. M.R.J. Eyles-Thomas

2013/14 E.Comp. W. McGill

2014/15 E.Comp. F. Occhini

2015/16 E.Comp. F.D. Fronda, (Founder IPZ)

2016/17 E.Comp. F.D. Fronda, (Founder IPZ)

2017/18 E.Comp. P. Brown

2018/19 E.Comp. M.R.J. Eyles-Thomas