The Secretary's Area


  • Timings.

With the exception of the October meeting (Installation), which meets at 5.30pm, all of our meetings (Dec, Feb, Apr and Jun) meet at 5.45pm.

  • Dress:

Morning dress or dark lounge suit, white collar, authorised Provincial, Craft or black tie and gloves.

  • Dining:

The information for dining must be given to the Assistant Secretary by Noon on the Thursday preceding the meeting (at the very latest).

  • Registered Dining Members

If you are registered with the Secretary as a 'dining member', you need not give the above information unless:-

  1. You are not dining
  2. You are inviting dining guests

Please note - dining members who do not notify the Assistant Secretary of their absence are responsible for the cost of their meal.

If you are registered as a NON-dining member, you need to inform the Assistant Secretary if you intend to dine.

  • Raffle Prizes

Brethren are asked to assist by bringing a raffle prize to the festive board.

  • Changes to Personal Details

The brethren are asked to notify the Secretary of any change in Masonic rank, address or other contact details. Please also ensure that the Secretary has your latest email address (if appropriate).

  • Overseas Visits

Brethren are requested not to make any Masonic contacts overseas with Masons of other jurisdictions without having first ascertained, by application to the Grand Secretary at Freemasons' Hall, the existence of Regular Masonry in the country concerned, along with the address to which Masonic enquiries in said country should be directed.

With this in mind - any member intending to visit a Lodge overseas should inform the Secretary so that Grand Lodge clearance can be obtained.

  • Advancement

Officers for progression will be selected from those who are profficient in the ritual and who regularly attend Lodge of Instruction. 

Acceptance of the office in the Lodge is considered to be a pledge of the strict performance of the duties to which appointed.

  • Lodge of Instruction (LOI)

The Lodge of Instruction is usually held between the months of (late) August and June. It is held on a Thursday evening at the Dartford Masonic Centre at 8pm. Dress is casual.

The LOI held on the last Thursday prior to the meeting on the following Monday is referred to as 'Officers' Night'. All Officers in the 'Progressive Offices' are expected to be in attendance to perform the duties of their respective offices.

  • Lodge Committee Meetings

The Lodge committee meetings are held on each Monday immediately following a regular Lodge meeting (Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr and June). They are held at the Dartford Masonic Centre at 8pm. Dress is casual.



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